• The importance of performance management
  • Barriers to goal-oriented management
  • The manager’s role in management according to work goals
  • The role of employees in management by objectives
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) management concept
    • Index to determine work results
    • Build KPIs from work goals
    • Practical practice exercises
  • Analyze the benefits of management according to KPIs
  • The nature of work goal management
  • Conditions can be managed according to KPIs
  • Analyze the comprehensive management model according to 4 aspects of BSC
    • Application exercises
  • Create links from strategy to work goals at all levels
    • BSC implementation process
  • Analyze impact factors and outcome factors
    • Impact factors
    • Results factor
  • Analyze department KPIs
    • Build a list of work results (Exercise)
    • Determine evaluation milestones
    • Develop specific goals (Exercise)
  • Complete KPIs framework
    • Build goals
    • Definition of measuring work results
    • Designing evaluation indicators (Exercise)
      • Hard index
      • Soft index
    • Identify information and data to evaluate and measure (Exercise)
    • Determine measurement and reporting methods (Exercise)
    • Brainstorming about action programs
    • Cause and effect
    • Link between work activities and the results to be achieved
    • Control process
  • Specific analysis of case studies
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