VIETNAM ECONOMIC ACADEMY (VEA) would like to extend our warm greetings, well wishes, and good health to your esteemed organization and participants.

VEA specializes in consulting, training, enhancing capabilities, professional development, scientific seminars, learning experiences, and providing high-level personnel for managers/businesses. VEA, formerly known as PNC Entrepreneurship School, has accumulated extensive experience since its establishment in 2012. Over the years, we have quickly gained the attention and trust of managers/businesses in Vietnam and have become a strategic partner of many universities, institutes, and domestic/international enterprises.

At VEA, we have a team of dedicated and professional employees, along with instructors who are professors, doctors, and experts from specialized ministries, businesses, leading universities, and institutes in Vietnam. In order to improve the quality of training and provide the most practical benefits to your esteemed enterprise, VEA hopes to receive your request on training needs, recruitment, and labor utilization at your enterprise through.

The information exchanged by your esteemed enterprise will assist us in better orienting ourselves in the field of training highly skilled human resources to meet the maximum requirements of your esteemed organization, laying the foundation for further collaboration between VEA and your esteemed enterprise in the future.

  • About VEA

In 2012, VEA was founded with the passion of a group of experts, scientific researchers, and dynamic leadership, aiming to build VEA into a reputable research, scientific consulting, and training institution for developing high-quality human resources in Vietnam. With nearly 100 training programs implemented for various organisations and large enterprises in recent years, VEA has established itself as one of the prestigious organizations in terms of training quality, offering diverse and highly practical training programs.

Drawing on its training organization experience and collaboration with top domestic and international experts, each training program at VEA is designed based on an educational mindset that emphasizes the acquisition and update of advanced knowledge from abroad and valuable experience from successful educators, researchers, and entrepreneurs. This approach enables students to deeply understand and grasp the most essential and up-to-date core knowledge in each program.

  • Commitment

VEA commits to providing practical knowledge transfer through an educational mindset and maximizing the creative potential of students with the goal of creating and optimizing the competitive advantages of enterprises in the era of globalization.

  • Mission
  • Collaborate with domestic and international organizations to research and develop highly practical training programs.
  • Conduct research, develop, and deliver programs in business management, professional skills, vocational skills, and enhance expertise as well as organize scientific seminars.
  • Vision

VEA aims to become one of the leading professional research, educational, training, and consulting organizations in Vietnam. VEA seeks to enhance the quality value of Vietnam’s human resources by combining practical experiential training with a comprehensive system of international theories and methodologies.

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