• Foundation of basic communication skills
    • Model effective communication
    • 3 V in successful communication
    • Communication principles: CUA, KISS, 5W-1H
    • Necessary competencies of successful communicators
  • Overview of influential communication
    • Objects need to influence communication
    • Learn about the personalities of each target group to be able to influence
    • When is it necessary to communicate to create influence?
        • In leadership
        • In negotiations
        • In change management
        • In working relationships together
        • In problem solving
    • Persuasive communication skills
    • Active and intentional listening skills
    • Skills in using questions in communication
    • From basic 3 V to highly convincing 3 V
  • Factors that help influence communication
    • Professional communication attitude
    • Build capacity and power in communication
    • Create connections in communication
    • Build personal brand and reputation to enhance communication value
    • Focus on communication goals
  • Assertive communication
    • Determine your value and rights with the communication object (value & right)
    • Determine what you want to achieve and find ways to satisfy the other person
    • Express dissatisfaction in a professional manner
    • Accept criticism properly
    • The ability to say ‘no’ when necessary
    • Assertive communication techniques
  • Keys to influencing and persuading
    • Master what you want to achieve in communication
    • Understand and feel for the other person
    • Listen to the other person
    • Aim for both sides to win
    • Plan ahead when possible
    • Focused but flexible
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