• Adult learning styles
    • Research on 4 ways adults learn
    • Effective approaches for each learning style
    • Apply NLP knowledge to training for adults
    • Levels of effective learning pyramid
  • Prepare mentally to perform teaching successfully
    • Overcome nervousness, create confidence to succeed
    • Analyze the 3 stages to implement a successful training program
    • Share experiences through tips
  • Design and develop teaching materials
    • Necessary documents for training classes
    • Steps in designing and building a set of documents
    • Practical practice groups
    • Write lesson plans
    • Share documents and sample lesson plans
  • Prepare for class
    • Learn about students and expectations (Perform TNA analysis)
    • Check the check list (Instructor shares the check list sample)
  • Necessary skills for lecturers & practitioners
    • Class initiation skills
      • Ice-breaker
      • Introduction
      • Class overview
      • Classroom principles/rules
      • Methods of building and presenting course objectives
    • Classroom handling techniques
      • Skills to handle questions and situations that occur in the classroom
      • Skills in asking questions and processing students’ answers
      • Techniques for writing on whiteboards, flipcharts, and classroom support tools
      • Student management skills
    • Teaching methods
      • Lecture (Effective presentation techniques)
      • Discussion groups
      • Video learning
      • Simulation games
      • Students research on their own with the guidance of instructors
      • Telling stories
      • Analye learning situations (Case study)
      • Role-play
    • Review after each content
      • Review techniques
      • Suggestions for practical application by lecturers
      • Initiatives from students
      • Follow-up programs
    • Techniques to create emotions when motivating the class
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