• Take control of personal time
    • The truth is that everyone has 24 hours, but the effectiveness of using them is different
    • Understand individual personality and time usage
    • Concepts about the value of time
    • The significance of time management for personal effectiveness
    • Take inventory of daily time use
  • Use your time effectively: Set priorities!
    • ABC job classification system
    • Use note cards
    • Pareto Principle
  • Procrastination: The thief of time
    • Consequences of delay
    • Why do we procrastinate?
    • We often procrastinate on things
    • Factors to keep in mind to avoid delays
  • Handle personal tasks
    • Set personal and work goals
    • Overcome problems with ineffective personal time management
    • Handle factors that disrupt work
  • Learn to refuse (Say no)
    • When to say no
    • How to say no in a positive way
    • Handle meeting issues ineffectively
  • Time management tools
    • Daily/weekly work plan
    • Assign and delegate work
    • Notebook
    • Calendar reminder tool
  • Time management for managers
    • Human development
    • Work more effectively with colleagues in organizing and coordinating work
    • Develop habits to use personal and associate time effectively
  • Action plan for change
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