•  Target audience: Directors of business divisions and departments
  • Duration: 02 days
  • Training methods:
    • Combine academic foundation theory with solving specific situations (case studies) at businesses,
    • Group discussion,
    • Group conversations – a modern form of training
    • Simulation games
  • Training goals: Active and interactive learning methods help students achieve the following results
    • Create inspiration and passion in work and in leading people,
    • Recognize the importance of the leadership role and know how to build a leadership brand for yourself to lead and influence the team, within the corporation and with customers and external partners,
    • Going beyond the framework with power and position towards tyranny by creating value and influencing,
    • Inspire and lead teams to innovate and change,


  • Leading yourself before leading others (Leading self before leading others)
    • Be inspired and inspire others
    • Promote personal ownership and responsibility
    • Learn and apply habits from successful leaders
    • Exceeding the threshold for conversion (Transformation)
  • Looking far into the future creates vision for individuals and organizations
    • Analyze lessons about evolution in society and technology, summarize the lessons
    • Exercises on determining vision
    • Understand the values and resources around you (Understand the values of the people you lead)
    • Influence methods and how to use “Vision” to inspire others
  • Types of leadership power (Leadership powers)
    • Analyze the origins of each type of leadership power and how to effectively apply each type of leadership power
    • Theory of 05 levels of leadership according to John C. Maxwell and how to apply it in practice (Five levels of leadership- John C. Maxwell and how to apply it)
  • Breakthrough leadership thinking
    • Concepts and connotations of breakthrough leadership thinking
    • Qualities of a breakthrough leader
    • Analyze breakthrough leaders and draw lessons
  • Building a leadership brand
    • Personal brand strategy
    • The value of personal branding in work and social relationships increases influence in the community
    • Analyze personal brand images and summarize lessons
    • Introduce the process of building a leadership brand
    • Practical exercises following the process of building a personal brand
  • Leading and inspiring the Creativity – Innovation – Change team
    • Lessons and values of past changes
    • Understand the process of change
    • The role of leaders in Creativity – Innovation – Change in the organization
    • Overcoming resistance to Innovation and Change
    • Build a culture of proactive change
  • L.E.A.P model to practically apply lessons to effective work
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